Samara Almonte

Producer & Host

Samara Almonte is a first-generation Chicana, raised primarily in the Pacific Northwest (occupied Coast Salish territory), with ancestral ties to Michoacán, Mexico. Coming home to her raíces verdes is about re-learning her history as a descendant of P’urhépecha ancestors, and re-connecting with her ancestral ways of knowing the land and water. Samara holds a B.A in Urban Planning and Sustainability Development, with a specialization in Environmental Justice, from Western Washington University. Samara is also a Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program 2019 alumni, from the University of Michigan.

Dario Castellon

Resident Visual Artist

Dario Castellon is a fabulous, constantly transforming Scorpio. Dario was born in a small rural pueblo in Jalisco, Mexico. He is a self proclaimed and self-taught artist inspired by the nature of our environments, our bodies, emotions, and stories through time. He is an old soul at heart who loves the small things that make us smile to ourselves

Sofian Mahmoud

Music Producer

Sofian Mahmoud, is a Palestinian-American rapper, producer, and creative born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, or as we acknowledge, Coast Salish peoples land. His stage name, Paliboy, pays homage to his father who is a Palestinian refugee, and encourages him to believe in himself and hustle. His inspiration also stems from his mother’s Welsh side, as his late grandfather taught him piano at a young age, and encouraged his ears to listen and learn. Today, his musical journey is led by an admiration of art and sound, and he pays homage to the olive trees of his ancestors.