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Bail Funds & Legal Help by City Support Reclaim the Block (Minneapolis) Black Visions (MN) FREE MEALS FOR BLACK PEOPLE Official George Floyd Memorial Fund Pimento Relief Fund – providing black business with insurance relief after white supremacists set them on fire during the protests NORTH STAR HEALTH COLLECTIVE : they have enough funds at the moment … Continue reading DONATIONS


Anti-Racism Resources WOKE KINDERGARTEN POSTING ISN’T ENOUGH TO DISMANTLE WHITE SUPREMACY White people, here’s how we can try to be better allies and proactively anti-racist Me and White Supremacy A Running List of Anti-Racism Resources “What Do I Say When?” : A Guide For White People 8 Lessons About Racism That Were Helpful To Me … Continue reading EDUCATION FOR WHITE PEOPLE


Letters for Black Lives – Multiple letters from different POC communities and translations¿Son obsoletas las prisiones? Angela DavisDownload GUIA PARA INICIAR DIALOGO SOBRE LA ANTI-NEGRITUD Arab-Black relations: Floyd tragedy highlights ties and tensions The divisiveness that permeates Detroit’s communities of color Confronting anti-black racism in the Arab world A Letter From Young Asian-Americans To Their Families … Continue reading EDUCATION FOR NON-BLACK POC


READINGS: Prison Abolition, Intersectional Feminism, Whiteness Formation of Race Reading Towards Abolition: A Reading List on Policing, Rebellion, and the Criminalization of Blackness READINGS & RESOURCES (Google Drive) Resource Guide: Prisons, Policing, and Punishment Wondering What a Future Without Police Looks Like? Abolish the Police: But How Would We Stay Safe? COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE: Prison Abolition … Continue reading PRISON ABOLITION


READINGS & RESOURCES (Google Drive) BLACK REVOLUTIONARY TEXTS FREE SPIRITUAL WORK FOR BLACK PEOPLE Black History Bootcamp Resources and Ways to Take Action VIRTUAL PROTESTING 101 Testing for Seattle Protesters (COVID 19) Bail Out Fundraising Script Email Template : Support Black WWU students (Other students can use this as a model for organizing on their campus) … Continue reading OTHER RESOURCES & READINGS


Individual Sign On: Support the Call to Defund the Seattle Police Department Organizational Sign On: Support the Call to Defund the Seattle Police Department PETITIONS + DONATIONS Breonna Taylor: Say her name Seattle School Board and Superintendent Juneau: End Seattle Schools Relationship with Seattle Police Department We Demand Police Free Schools NOW: Call to Action … Continue reading PETITIONS