Ashley Abena* Arhin (she/her)| *(Uh-bin-uh)
Born and raised in unceded Duwamish Territory also known as Seattle Washington, Abena is a Black woman of Ghanaian decent with kinship in the In-land Ashanti and Coastal Fante tribes. She received her Bachelors Degree from Western Washington University in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Education and Social Justice in 2018. Entitled “Understanding Black Connections to Land and Place through Anti-Blackness in the United States” she spent her 4 years in undergrad creating her own major of study; unpacking how environmental injustice came to be within differing Black communities, learning Black environmental ways of knowing and being, and the importance of self actualized education that is culturally responsive in the wake of enslavement.

Raíces Verdes
Black Environmentalism & Settler-Colonial Education

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