Community Offerings

Samara Almonte, host & creator of Raíces Verdes has experience working with different organizations and collectives by sharing knowledge and resources relating to many intersections within environmental justice. The vast majority of Samara’s experience presenting on these topics has been with youth-centered organizations. Below are some of the main topics that Samara is available to share knowledge about: 

  • Urban Planning & Spatial Justice 
  • Ethnics Studies; intersection with environmental education and urban planning
  • Intro to Eco-facism
  • Organizing strategies for students of color
  • Navigating higher education as a WOC

For more information about the offerings listed above, please reach out to Samara using the contact form on the right. Topics and sharing of knowledge can be adjusted to different audiences and meet different organization’s budgets. 

  • Podcasting 101
  • Storytelling: the importance of archiving our community’s knowledge
  • Mental health & generational trauma; radicalizing self-care
  • Raíces Verdes : healing through our green roots
  • Deconstructing Latinidad