Faith & Green Roots

A mini-series uplifting the voices of Black and Brown Muslim womxn practicing sustainability. Each episode is unique and brings forward narratives that continue to be dismissed in mainstream environmentalism.

Latinx, Muslim & Sustainble

For the introduction to the series I interviewed Cassandra Tejada, a promoter of sustainable fashion and sustainable living. She sets out to take up space within the sustainable fashion community as a Muslim, Dominican, Peruvian, Colombian women. Cassandra shares her own modest and sustainable style and Islamic lifestyle on her Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok account. … Continue reading Latinx, Muslim & Sustainble

Islam As the Deepest Green Root

Kadiatou(Ka-djah-tou)Balde is a 22-year-old Black Guinean-American Muslim womxn. She’s a social architect with a passion for BI&POC community-based sustainability and entrepreneurship – rooted in Islam. Upon graduating last May, she worked with 12 different non-profit organizations as a Diversity in Arts Leadership intern, where she learned the importance of BI&POC solutions and leadership that led … Continue reading Islam As the Deepest Green Root

Islam & Ethical Fashion

Zainab Koli is an Indian American Muslim woman whose work sits at the intersection of sustainable fashion, community organizing, and Islam. She is the Co-Founder of two Muslim community organizations, Faithfully Sustainable and NY MSA Showdown. She plans to continue bringing together her background in fashion design and product development and community organizing to build … Continue reading Islam & Ethical Fashion