Uncolonized: No ThanksTaking

Bonus Episode! Although it’s especially important to affirm Indigenous resilience on all “holidays” that promote White supremacy against Indigenous people, EVERY DAY IS STILL INDIGENOUS PEOPLE’S DAY! This special almost 2hr long episode centers around Chris, his family, and their independent film titled “Uncolonized”. Together we discuss the education system and it’s effects on Native people, solidarity across Native peoples such as the displaced people of Palestine, relationships to land and water, and so much more. This episode has a lot of information & emotions to unpack so please take your time listening & reflecting. A break is created in the middle of the episode so you can take care of your needs. Below is a link to the official trailer of “Uncolonized”, along with a hyperlink in the show notes. (Trailer available in Spanish & French) For more information on how to support the film by organizing a showing, getting in contact with Chris, or further resources on Indigenous resilience please email us at raicesverdespodcast@gmail.com