Craig of the Creek : Media Representation

Craig Freeland is an environmental educator who recently graduated from Denison University. In this bonus episode for Raíces Verdes, Craig shares his love for the Cartoon Network show “Craig of the Creek”, a show centering the experiences of a Black boy exploring the outdoors.

Uncolonized: No ThanksTaking

Bonus Episode! Although it’s especially important to affirm Indigenous resilience on all “holidays” that promote White supremacy against Indigenous people, EVERY DAY IS STILL INDIGENOUS PEOPLE’S DAY! This special almost 2hr long episode centers around Chris, his family, and their independent film titled “Uncolonized”. Together we discuss the education system and it’s effects on Native … Continue reading Uncolonized: No ThanksTaking

Conclusions to Season 1!

After 10 episodes, Season 1 of Raíces Verdes has come to a wrap! Listen to this short recap of the episodes, learn about a fundraising for the podcast and what to look forward from Raíces Verdes!!

Farming As Generation Wealth

“Health is wealth my babies” – Alexis Hamilton. In Episode #7 Alexis shares with us a bit about working with Growing Hope an urban farm collective in Michigan serving predominantly Black and Brown families.

Hospitals & Food Systems

Mia is a nursing student at Michigan State University, who also studies Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems. In Episode #10, Mia discusses her research on a new type of food system she is calling “hospital based food system initiatives”. As a nursing student, Mia acknowledges the purchasing power hospitals have, and believes this wealth should … Continue reading Hospitals & Food Systems

Sustainability Abroad

Tiffany Pauls is rising senior at Davidson College in North Carolina, with roots in Maryland. In this episode she discusses her experience studying sustainability abroad, in connection to climate justice. Episode available on Spotify & Soundcloud!

Health & Rural Environments

Liana Bloom studied Medical Anthropology and Global Health with a minor in Nutrition from the University of Washington. She is currently working in the research and healthcare industries in preparation for medical school. In Episode #9 Liana discusses her experience shadowing doctors in clinics near Spokane, Washington and the connection to rural environments and health … Continue reading Health & Rural Environments

Mauna Kea: Protecting Sacred Lands

Alanna Miyashiro is an Indigenous Hawaiian scholar, at the University of Hawaii in Manoa, Honolulu. In this episode we discuss the current manifestations happening at Mauna Kea, Hawaii in oposition to the development of a Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) on the Indigenous sacred lands. Below are resources to donate and support the protection of Mauna … Continue reading Mauna Kea: Protecting Sacred Lands

Sustainability But Make It Fashion

Episode 3 highlights the thesis work of Jazlyn Marcos, founder and editor in chief of Generation Eco. Her undergrad thesis focuses on ethical clothing, and the barriers university students face in understanding and participating in ethical consumption of clothing. Episode available on Spotify & Soundcloud

Rejecting the Environmentalist Label

In this episode, Nina Tran a queer first-generation student of color discusses the different experiences in her life that have made them reject at times the environmentalist label. What defines an environmentalist? Do you as a person of color identify as an environmentalist? Episode available on Spotify & Soundcloud

La Fresa de Rancho

For the introduction episode to Raíces Verdes, I will be discussing what it means to be a Fresa de Rancho, and why I chose the name Raíces Verdes for the podcast! Episode available on Spotify & Soundcloud