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The Outbound: 2021 Writers Residency for Underrepresented Storytellers

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Brave Space Media

Expedition Reclamation is a short documentary seeking to redefine “outdoorsy” and reclaim belonging in the outdoors for Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color by highlighting their joyful, resilient, & transformative relationships to outdoor recreation. Samara Almonte, host of Raíces Verdes is featured in this film. 

Shado Magazine
I no longer dream of the apocalypse 

Opinion piece by Samara Almonte. Published in 2020

A Culture of Sovereignty:
Farmers leading the way

A conversation with A Growing Culture. Published in 2021

Illustration for article by Javie Huxley @javhux
Generation Eco

Raíces Verdes by Samara Almonte | Published in Gen Eco Issue 06: Latinx History Month  (Gen Eco is no longer in publication)