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Generation Eco: Guest Writer

Published in Gen Eco Issue 06: Latinx History Month

Shado Magazine: Review

Shado Magazine Issue 3: Climate Justice has curated a visual representation of the kind of environmental movement I want to be part of and stand by. Issue 3 does not even come close to placing the burden of climate action on individual actions rooted in eco-capitalism. Instead, the writers and artists of Issue 3 bring forward the truths that Black and Indigenous people have been knowing all along: the fall of capitalism and White supremacy is the only real systemic solution to our climate crisis. Every article brought a new perspective from across the world, while concurrently providing the same message of liberation and healing for the Earth and for each other. Denying the intersectionality of social movements that exists in connection to climate justice at this point is choosing to be complicit with systems of oppression across the world. Thank you Shado Magazine for showing us once again the importance of independent forms of media that center stories of freedom and radical imagination. – Samara Almonte

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Below you can find a list of lectures and workshops that Samara Almonte has shared across different organizations and audiences. You can inquire about any of the listed topics for your own organization’s needs, audience demographics, and background in education and environmental justice.

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