La Fresa de Rancho

My name is Samara Almonte and I am in the process of coming home to mis raíces verdes. I am a first-generation Chicana born in the United States, with roots in Michoacán, Mexico close to the heart of the P’urhépecha nation. My ancestors knew a long time ago that I would be doing this work, and coming home to mis raíces verdes means reconnecting with my ancestral knowledge about the environment. Through a long chain of migration, my mother, sister and I have been living in Washington State (Coast Salish land) for almost 12 years. I have a B.A in Urban Planning and Sustainable Development with a minor in Education and Social Justice from Western Washington University. To read more about my other professional and community work visit my website:

Harvesting mangoes near Puruarán, Michoacán, Mexico in 2016